Why do so many parents continue to chauffeur children to school?

One valuable service we fund through tax dollars is the school-bus system.

Our daughter rides the bus daily and we are confident in her safety. Amidst record fuel prices and uncertain global-warming impacts, why do so many parents continue to chauffeur children to school? Excessive private traffic to Sperreng Middle School and Lindbergh High School results in congestion and delays such that everyone expends more fuel and time than needed to get the job done.

Some drivers drop off children along major routes, where they dangerously jaywalk across traffic to school. This is a matter of public safety.

The government is incapable of resolving difficult energy, environmental and geopolitical issues without commitment and support from ordinary citizens. Voluntarily reducing fuel demand is one of the most responsible measures we can take at this juncture.

Our family has decided to cut back on our energy usage, particularly gasoline. We have altered plans to consolidate and eliminate trips, avoid “drive-through” lines and travel to work during off-rush times.

I hope that parents, teachers, and even our children will provide more energywise and ecologically sound leadership in the days ahead.

David W. Ammons