‘Where is the green in Green Park?’ Concord resident wonders

Where is the green in Green Park? The Green Park Board of Aldermen has voted unanimously to approve the two commercial areas on its side of Lindbergh Boulevard.

One includes three restaurants at Flori Drive with a new traffic signal there. The second has a QuikTrip gasoline and convenience store along with space for another fast-food restaurant at East Concord Road on the former AT&T Wireless property owned by Bommarito. The latter will entail modification of the traffic signal there to accommodate the additional traffic.

Those of us who have to drive on South Lindbergh know the traffic problems from Mueller Road to South County Center. Obviously, these additions will make them worse and slow down traffic to a standstill. That’s eight traffic signals from Mueller to Lemay — one signal every 500 yards.

To answer my question, it is obvious the green is not in the trees or the grass. It is not the in pockets of those of us who will have to wait in traffic and consume gas at $4-plus per gallon. It is in the coffers of the city of Green Park so they can provide free trash collection and new concrete streets and whatever else their hearts desire. They do not care about the rest of south county.

We who are not citizens of Green Park have no voice in their affairs. However, we are citizens of St. Louis County and the state of Missouri.

Last I checked, the Missouri Department of Transportation still has jurisdiction over Lindbergh Boulevard. Maybe it can be persuaded to stop these projects.

Alan Haker