Welcome home parade for troops slated Saturday

St. Louis will play host to the first welcome home parade for post-Sept. 11, 2001, troops on Saturday, Jan. 28, and volunteers are needed.

Parade organizers are asking residents to: Donate $25 to the cause; volunteer for a four-hour shift the day of the parade; help spread the word; or attend the parade.

Corporations are being asked for sponsorships, donations and manpower. Veterans are being asked to participate, while veteran organizations are being asked to participate in the Veterans Resource Village in Union Station.

The Mission Continues, a national nonprofit organization that challenges post-9/11 veterans to perform community service, joined the effort, according to a news release.

The parade will take place at noon, beginning at Market Street.

St. Louis residents Craig Schneider and Tom Appelbaum spearheaded the event, thinking “the least this city could do was say an official thank you to the men and women that served our country in Iraq.”

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