Web exclusive: Medicaid and welfare are first topics for Missouri House budget writers

The expanded Republican majority picked Medicaid to be the first item reviewed by the Missouri House of Representatives Interim Budget Committee.

The committee began hearings on the state’s multi-billion dollar budget in preparation for the legislative session that will begin in January.

Kirksville Republican Representative Rick Stream urged the Social Services Department to look for the most efficient way to spend Missouri citizen’s tax dollars. Stream said would like the department to look for savings as if it were coming out of their own pocket.

The department’s deputy director, Brian Kinkade, said everyone in his department are taxpayers as well, and they also want to see a good and efficient program.

Kinkade also says the representatives need to remember how important these programs are to the people that need them.

The incoming House Budget Committee chair – Rep. Ryan Silvey, R-Kansas City — said that the Budget Committee is looking at cutting a possible $700 million from the budget next year, and he wants to know that services in Missouri are being operated as efficient as possible.

– Missouri Digital News