Web exclusive: Governor announces support for another effort to build second nuclear power plant in state

In a series of events across the state, Gov. Jay Nixon announced there would be another attempt at building a second nuclear power plant in Missouri.

AmerenUE dropped its initial plans for Callaway II near Fulton after legislation stalled in 2009 to let the utility charge rate payers for the costs of borrowing money for building the plant before it began operation.

Repeal of the law requiring the plant be operational before charging ran into opposition from both consumer groups and some industrial organizations. The measure had been approved by Missouri voters in 1976 in response to criticism of the utility for charging ratepayers for the financing costs of building the first nuclear power plant.

AmerenUE said it could not proceed with the current law, approved by Missouri voters, because of the enormous costs of building the plant and dropped its license application efforts

In a written statement, Nixon announced support for allow the utility to charge ratepayers for the costs of seeking an early permit for the plant from the federal government.

– Missouri Digital News