‘We all face decreases in purchasing power daily,’ letter writer says

To the editor:

Regarding the article in the Dec. 1 Call, “Crestwood aldermen to weigh final OK of ’12 budget Dec. 13”:

I think it is unfortunate that the article highlighted a lack of cost-of-living adjustments as “a serious problem” because it means a decrease of Crestwood employees’ “purchasing power,” and also affects the ability to retain “superior” employees and that “will ultimately affect the services now received by citizens.”

So following the reasoning, I can expect the quality of services to decrease if there are no future raises?

I think these arguments do a disservice to the excellent work being done by the current employees.

It is unfortunate that employees of any industry can’t expect an annual raise of any size. It is also a fact of life for millions of people right now who are fortunate enough to even be working. We all face decreases in purchasing power daily.

I’m sure, as (City Administrator) Ms. (Petree) Eastman was found for her position, there are many unemployed or underemployed qualified professionals out there who would be ready to step up to the plate should employee retention become a problem.

Bill Schelinski