Ward 4 Crestwood resident to ‘confidently cast’ his vote for Nieder

To the editor:

After carefully examining the qualities of both candidates for Crestwood Ward 4 alderman, I will confidently cast my vote for Steve Nieder.

Part of what made this decision easy is the obvious differences between the two candidates.

Where Mr. Nieder has prior experience as alderman, demonstrating a capacity to quickly understand the issues and vote with an eye toward saving taxpayer dollars, his opponent has no experience and offered no evidence during the campaign that he understood — and would respond appropriately to — the challenges facing Crestwood.

Where Mr. Nieder drafted a plan for guiding the city in the process of considering tax incentives for redevelopment, his opponent admitted that, despite having a position on Crestwood’s Economic Development Commission, he really wasn’t informed on tax incentives.

With the redevelopment of Crestwood Court looming, it would be imprudent to elect a candidate who lacks a solid foundation in the economics of redevelopment tools. Crestwood cannot afford to elect anyone who requires on-the-job training.

Please join me in electing Steve Nieder on April 3 and help Crestwood face its economic challenges with confidence and experience.

Don Binz