Ward 4 alderman says decision on mayor’s appointment ‘a difficult one’

To the editor:

The decision made relative to Crestwood Mayor Jeff Schlink’s candidate for alderman, on my part, was a difficult one.

It was made after many hours of heartfelt consideration. The decision was based on my years of previous experience as a former business owner and now a director. To imply anything else would be false.

It is my opinion that to bring a former employee into a role of board oversight after they have served as a staff member or manager is not a solid management decision for our community. The decision becomes even more complex when staff, which reported to or worked with an individual, are still present in the entity.

In an effort to continue to build our community, regularly promoting a positive constructive review of all sides of an issue can only enhance the avoidance of negativity and embrace a process that honors all involved.

Deborah Beezley

Crestwood Ward 4 alderman