War in Iraq sending little leaguers into battle

Should we? or Should we not go to war with Iraq?

It is the most important question on the minds of the Arerican people today. Our nation stands divided on this issue. There are countless of red blooded American people who are demonstrating in the streets of our cities today.  And many others are saying lets go and take saddam out today. I think America made a big mistake when they didn’t take saddam out when they had a chance. Now look what a mess we are in today.

I was against the demonstrators until I talked to a person who coached a little league football team some time ago. He told me that only last week he was talking to some of the same group that he had coached in the little league, which are now being called up to go serve in the armed forces. This started me thinking. about all the people that is being call up to war to defend this great country of America. That same day I watched the news on T.V. I heard this husband and wife say they were both being called up at the same time to serve their country, and in doing so, would have to leave their four children with the grandparents, or aunts and uncles, or other relatives.  Also a single mother with a six-month old infant, who was in the reserves. was also being called up.                                       

It makes you think doesn’t it.

It seems regardless what I think, or what others may say, there is no way that America will escape going to war with Iraq. May God help us all.

David F Scoby