Wants to replace Missouri’s unfair income tax with fair-tax system

To the editor:

I am for replacing Missouri’s unfair income tax with a fair tax that is currently working its way through Jefferson City.

The fair tax would replace Missouri’s unfair income tax withholding and replace the lost income via an increase in sales tax.

Here are several reasons for a fair-tax system:

• It would save the average worker hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars per year in unfair taxes.

• The fair tax would tax people who avoid paying any income tax on unreported income. Some/most people who work for cash, sell illegal drugs or have gains from other illegal activities do not volunteer to pay taxes. A fair tax would correct that problem.

• The cost of goods manufactured in Missouri would have a lower cost to produce, making Missouri a better state for business and jobs.

• The rich, who people love to hate, would pay more in taxes be-cause they earn more money and spend more.

Do the math and see that this bill is good for all of Missouri. The next step is to do the same for the federal tax system and abolish the IRS and the stranglehold Congress has around our necks.

Charlie Falsetto