Wants to hear alternative solutions for Mehlville’s financial crisis

To the editor:

I was at the March 11 Mehlville Board of Education meeting.

I heard many impassioned pleas from parents, students, teachers and community residents to not cut “their program,” their job or raise their taxes. I only heard one voice proposing an alternative solution.

I’m a district graduate, a parent of a district student, have friends who are district teachers and am a community taxpayer. I’m on the district Finance Committee and participating in this dialogue, not to promote “my favorite programs,” but to be a voice in the dialogue and help find solutions.

I want to continue to hear from all members of our community, but please don’t just say, “Don’t cut my program, job or increase my taxes.” Please propose alternative solutions. The district faces a financial crisis. We all need to be a part of the dialogue to find a solution.

These reflect my personal opinions and not necessarily the views of the Finance Committee.