Wants 6th District citizens to be heard again

To the editor:

I would like to comment on some of the bold statements my county councilman made in his letter to the Call.

Johnny said that Mr. Wagener’s video game bill “was a ploy to throw Jeffrey into the limelight.” Well, Johnny, I don’t know about you, but I believe it shows Mr. Wagener’s strong stand and support for the safety of our children — a prime example of what elected officials are elected to do.

I am glad that Mr. Campisi has town-hall meetings to hear what the people have to say. However, this newsletter he speaks of, I haven’t gotten since he was elected.

Maybe it is lost in the mail.

My so-called councilman also believes that he alone is trying to stop this waste-transfer station from being built.

Mr. Campisi, those 1,500 people along with myself weren’t there to support you, we were all united that evening to stand with all the elected officials, Democratic and Republican.

I wonder if Mr. Campisi and his political party friends are going to use this issue for their own political gain in 2004?

Mr. Councilman, you’re not the only one standing up to Fred Weber Inc. and its trashy business. What about these so-called citizen advisory committees? Who serves on these I wonder? I am sure it is a bipartisan committee and not just a selected few who only agree with your right-wing views. I never did receive notice that you were forming these committees, but maybe it was in that newsletter I have yet to receive.

Councilman Campisi tries to make a stand for why he was “late” paying his property taxes. I would think that since being in business for over 20 years in a city that he is so aware of it falling in size that he would have the financial responsibility to budget his books correctly so that a problem to pay his employees and his taxes wouldn’t arise.

Being an elected official, and a small-business owner one would think you would try to set an example for others to follow. Mr. Councilman I wonder if you have trouble handling financial duties for a small business, how you are able to handle major financial decisions serving on the council which controls the tax dollars my fellow residents and I pay?

Johnny isn’t worried about re-election, he says. Why would he? I, too, would think the same if I was on cloud nine like he thinks. Mr. Campisi is right, voters will step to the plate come November 2004, but whom they vote for may differ from what he thinks.

I quote Councilman Campisi, “They will vote because they had a councilman who listened to them in county government.”

I think, along with others, they will vote because they have a councilman who is listening to only a selected few whom he chooses to hear. I am also glad he clears up the fact that he is announcing his re-election bid, I wasn’t quite sure or not if he was going to do so. Mr. Campisi we will “bring it on” and when we do, the voice of all the residents in the 6th District will finally be heard again.

Marty Zuniga