Wagener not best suited to represent public

To the editor:

Regarding the four letters to the editor in support and praising of Jeff Wagener in the June 19 Call, I am glad to see the Call had an editor’s note regarding or clarifying the relationship of the authors of these letters supporting Mr. Wagener.

I have no doubt that Mr. Wagener is a fine family man and father and is a friend to many. But I do not respect him a politician and do not believe he is best suited to represent the people. If so, he would have been re-elected. The people said “no.”

I consider myself an independent voter and am concerned about the people who represent me.

My experiences with Mr. Wagener when he represented us were not favorable and I found he had no interest in helping or giving his support to solving several problems we had in the Oakville area.

My first experience was when Mr. Wagener was invited to attend a subdivision meeting called by the subdivision builder/developer where several serious problems existed that everyone felt our county representative should be made aware of, and where we needed his support.

I was dismayed at the meeting where I interpreted his body actions and attitude as “this is boring — why am I here?”

I made later inquires regarding his support/non-support of our concerns and was informed no one ever heard from him again — there was no courtesy of any reply, i.e. you have a problem/no problem — I can help/not help.

At a later date and unrelated to the meeting, I had come in possession of a letter that restricted tractor trailer trucks from driving through the city of Arnold to the industrial area on Arnold Tenbrook Road.

I perceived this then to mean all trucks would be going to and from Interstate 255 on Telegraph through Oakville to get to the industrial area. This is about one truck every five to 10 minutes daily.

I was concerned about the speed these trucks travel, the nearness of the trucks to Point School and many homes on Telegraph — about 20 to 30 feet — the vibration and noise through many of the residential areas, wear and tear on the surface of Telegraph, etc.

I wrote Mr. Wagener informing him of the document — also providing a copy — and my concerns. His response basically said — not my problem, can’t do anything for you, not interested in helping. It was a letter that in my judgment showed no concern for the problem or the well being of Oakville residents.

I was hoping at the very least he would use political clout with appropriate officials in the interest of the Oakville residents to try and divert the trucks.

Since Mr. Wagener was not interested in representing the Oakville residents in this matter, I then took my case to the Missouri Department of Transportation where I received excellent written responses and telephone calls to discuss the tractor trailer situations. All I know now is tractor-trailers come down Telegraph from Richardson Road to the industrial area and not through the Oakville area.

In my opinion, Mr. Wagener chose to ignore the problem and was not interested in the well being of the Oakville community.

I am not convinced Mr. Wagener knows how to solve or wants to solve problems.

Regarding the authors of the four letters mentioned above, I wonder if they really believe Mr. Wagener can do no wrong and he walks on water, or do they acknowledge there is some truth in the adverse articles that have been written about him?

The authors point out all the things he sponsored as a councilman; however, this is their job and is why they are elected. Of all the items he sponsored how many of them had merit and how many were enacted?

I try to have faith in the reporters for the media and recognize they may “slant” articles pro and con on issues and politics, but basically have dug out the facts and evidence to support their reporting.

Obviously my experiences with Mr. Wagener were limited, and from the many articles I have read in the past regarding his support and non-support of the residents of Oakville, I do not believe he was best suited to represent us.

I do not condone the recent reported personal actions of Mr. Campisi, but he seems more willing to listen, and has Oakville residents at heart.

I guess there are no perfect politicians.

Bob Zimmer