Voting ‘yes’ on Proposition C will have immediate, lasting impact on students

To the editor:

As a member of the Mehlville school board, my role regarding Proposition C was straightforward.

After listening to the recommendations resulting from our community engagement process, I voted to approve placing it on the November ballot in order to let our community members determine whether or not to fund these recommendations. As a lifelong resident, homeowner, parent and graduate of the district, I feel that it is my responsibility to share the facts that underscore the importance of supporting this critical initiative.

Out of the 22 St. Louis County school districts, our district ranks second-to-last when it comes to the investment made per student.

On average, St. Louis County school districts invest over 40 percent more per student than the Mehlville School District does — $10,783 versus $7,576. Because of this significant gap, our district is unable to provide educational experiences, materials, facilities and services that residents in most other St. Louis Country districts take for granted. This makes it extremely difficult for our children to compete with students from other local districts for acceptance into colleges, for scholarships and ultimately for job opportunities. Passage of Prop C will ensure that we do not fall further behind.

I hope that each of my three daughters will raise their families in our community.

Unfortunately, if the gap between our district and other districts continues to grow, I doubt they will choose to do so.

Voting “yes” for Prop C on Nov. 2 will have an immediate impact on our students and a lasting positive effect on our community. I understand that some may feel that this is not a good time to increase funding for the school district, but if we fail to invest now our community will soon experience more problematic, expensive and painful consequences.

Drew E. Frauenhoffer, Ph.D.