Voting for Nieder would be ‘big step backward,’ according to Pickel

To the editor:

In his responses to the Call’s recent candidate questionnaire, Crestwood Ward 4 aldermanic candidate Steve Nieder indicated that he worked to defeat a proposed tax increase in 2008.

That much is true. However, the rest of the story speaks volumes to his character and the manner in which he chooses to conduct himself. Prior to the proposition going before voters, the board had a series of discussions regarding declining revenue streams and increasing expenses.

There was significant concern that the city would face serious financial challenges in the coming years without some sort of infusion. Minutes from a May 2008 work session of the board reflect that it was then-Alderman Nieder who suggested a 35-cent increase, which the board subsequently supported. At a board meeting one week later, Mr. Nieder twice voted in favor of the ordinance.

No sooner had he voted in favor, though, did Mr. Nieder begin to campaign vehemently against the proposition. Frankly, his behavior at informational meetings held to educate residents on the proposed increase was highly disruptive and quite rude.

Mr. Nieder and his behavior represent the past. Just like the former mall, he’s served his purpose — now it’s time for new ideas, new youth, new energy. Voters in Ward 4 have other fine choices for alderman. With such a promising outlook, why take a big stride backward in choosing our leaders?