Voters must decide if children’s education ‘worth a small sacrifice’

To the editor:

I am constantly amazed by the naysayers that write the Call on a regular basis to complain about the cost of education in Mehlville.

Many of these people claim to be longtime residents that have constantly “bailed out” the district with their tax dollars.

The facts are quite different. The good citizens of Mehlville have passed two bond issues in the past 20-plus years.

In addition, they have approved one tax increase in close to 30 years. That is a far cry from “constantly bailing out the schools.”

Think back to the cost of books, heating, bus fuel, lunches and salaries 30 years ago. I doubt if many working residents of Mehlville are still getting the same salary they got 30 years ago.

The Mehlville Fire Protection District’s Hotline newsletter recently touted their success in holding salaries down when compared to other districts.

They failed to mention that a fireman with 15 years of experience will make $30,000 a year more than a Mehlville teacher with the same 15 years’ experience and a master’s degree.

The facts are pretty clear. We spend fewer dollars per pupil than  22 neighboring districts spend on their students. We need to decide whether educating our children is truly important and worth a small sacrifice.

Robert Faust