Vote no on Proposition S, this taxpayer writes

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

A big thank you to former Mehlville Board of Education member Rich Franz for exposing the school board in his Feb. 25 letter. This time they are trying to keep money belonging to the taxpayers to avoid asking us to pass a new tax increase.

Make sure you read the ballot language before you vote on Proposition S. Also, remember that a no-tax-rate-increase bond does not exist. We are all going to start paying more federal taxes, more for gasoline, property taxes and groceries, compliments of Joe Biden, so why would you vote for any tax increase?

The only board that is in St. Louis County that is deserving of a tax increase is the Mehlville Fire Protection District. They have proven their leadership and their loyalty to the taxpayers and given us a first-class fire district.

Too bad we can’t get that from our school board.

Please vote no on Proposition S.

Jerry Foerstel