Visit South Tech to see what it offers students in a changing world


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

In a Sept. Call article, Rep. Doug Beck made reference to South County Technical High School changing education.

He understands.

Through the years, South Tech has meant a number of things to many people, either in reality or through perception. The terms “trade” or “vocational” school might still stir-up negative connotations for some who has an incorrect perception of what career and technical education, or CTE, is in 2018.

CTE can be a life changer, allowing a high school student to explore a career field of interest or to establish a strong foundation if his or her career path is already on solid ground.

South Tech opens doors to industry partnerships with Ameren Missouri, PARIC Construction, BJC, St. Louis County Police and Fire Academy, Walgreens, World Wide Technologies and a host of others that know high-school students are very capable of professional studies.

Like politics, all education is local, so I urge you to explore and better understand the institutions that serve the readers of this publication.

Whether you attend a Board of Education meeting, a school open house or peruse your district’s website, it is always beneficial to understand your local education investment. I invite you to visit South Tech’s website or even our open house on Nov. 1, as it too is one of your important local education investments.

David Baker 
Assistant Superintendent for college and career readiness, Special School District of St. Louis County