Veteran educator says Mehlville teachers won’t let community down

To the editor:

Teachers — there seems to be much blame attributed to them.

Blame teachers for the budget crisis in Mehlville. Blame “greedy” teachers for wanting a salary competitive with those doing the same job in neighboring school districts. Blame teachers for school board members not comprehending the memorandum of understanding those school board members signed.

One gets the impression that our school district would be in a much better place if the taxpayers could just get rid of the teachers.

Despite the negative light a “few” angry citizens try to shine on Mehlville’s teachers, we are still here. We still have hope and optimism for the future of our students despite the insistence by those angry citizens to limit opportunities for Mehlville’s kids.

In the coming weeks and months, there will be many things considered to help right the budgetary ship in Mehlville. None of those choices will be easy. Again, teachers and other Mehlville staff will be the target: Cut positions, increase class size, give back last year’s pay increase, et cetera.

As an educator in the district for 18 years, I would like the community to know that your Mehlville teachers will not let you down.

No matter how much we are villainized and scapegoated, we will continue to inspire, care for, love and, yes, educate the children of Mehlville. It’s what we do. And maybe one day we will be recognized not for being a liability, but the commodity we are.