Vent-free gas heat a clean, green choice

Economy, style and safety.

These are three reasons a growing number of homeowners are turning to clean, green, vent-free gas-heating products, which include heaters, logs, stoves, inserts and fireplaces. They provide sensible green heat to supplement the central HVAC system, saving money and energy while keeping homes warm and comfortable. All models operate on natural gas or propane and re-quire no electricity — a special bonus during electrical power outages.

Economy — Because they operate at 99-percent efficiency, vent-free gas-heating products are extraordinarily economical, delivering 99 cents worth of heat for every energy dollar spent. Vent-free gas appliances promote zone heating, focusing warmth where needed and saving more than 20 percent on energy costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Style — Environmentally friendly, vent-free gas-heating products come in a wide variety of types, styles and colors, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Whatever your home’s decor, there’s one that’s perfect — at a surprisingly affordable price to purchase and install: as little as $400 for a heater, $500 for a log, $1,400 for a stove, $1,400 for an insert and $1,500 for a fireplace with a mantel. Plus, many homeowners find that adding a vent-free gas unit increases their home’s resale value.

Safety — Designed to operate with your home’s natural ventilation system, energy-efficient, vent-free gas-heating products don’t need a chimney and can be placed practically anywhere. Because these products have been sold in the United States for more than 30 years, they have an extensive, stellar safety record. All models are safety tested and assured by an independent certification agency.

With a clean, green, vent-free gas appliance, you can enjoy the added comfort and security of knowing that you’ve made a safe, green choice for your family.

More than 20 million American homes have vent-free gas heaters, logs, fireplaces, stoves or inserts. To learn more or to download a free copy of a consumer guide to vent-free products, visit