Under Roby’s leadership, ‘we feel our city is finally moving forward’

To the editor:

Reading former Crestwood Mayor Jeff Schlink’s

and hearing him perpetuate myths about his failed administration on KMOX radio recently was disturbing.

I am not sure why he wants to paint such a bleak picture of our city and its current administration.

Under Mr. Schlink’s “leadership” our board was split, citizens were discouraged, employee morale bottomed out, and business owners were frustrated and looking for a way out.

Under Mayor Gregg Roby’s leadership, we feel our city is finally moving forward.

Once again we have a board that not only serves, but also participates in our community. They have a vision for Crestwood’s future and are working diligently to repair the past.

Since Mayor Roby took office, Crestwood has welcomed new businesses, re-established the Economic Development Commission, hired a city planner and also launched a comprehensive planning process. He has also reached out to our business community and collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Schlink still believes he was an asset to our city. Quite the contrary, Mr. Schlink — had you done the great job you think you did — the residents would not have voted you out of office.