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Two high schools need to be ‘state of the art’ before middle schools

To the editor:

As I read all the articles and letters regarding the COMPASS II plan to spend funds to upgrade our older middle schools, warning bells ring.

As a former teacher at Mehlville High School, I found that facility to be very old and out of date. While the building received a “facelift” with Prop T funds, very little was done behind the doors of the front addition and inside the new windows.

Funds were not available to staff computer labs and technological equipment sat unused in closets and storage rooms be-cause funds were not available for installation even though the equipment had been acquired through vendors and grants.

Routine maintenance, such as painting and repairs, was not kept up to date.

I have no personal knowledge about conditions at Oakville High School, but I cannot believe they are much different.

Along with most residents of the district, I would certainly like all our schools to be modern, up to date and state of the art, but I wonder about the wisdom of making our middle schools better than our high schools. Sending students from modern, up-to-date facilities to lesser facilities seems to invite problems.

Will there be a lack of motivation to learn? Will discipline problems increase?

The high school years seem to be critical times for training future citizens; will we be doing a good job under these conditions?

Personally, I believe the planners are putting the “cart before the horse” with these plans. The two high schools need to be “state of the art” first.

Jeanette Hartlieb


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