Tune-up needed for high-efficiency washer

Much like a car needs an oil change, high-efficiency, or HE, washing machines need regular maintenance to ensure maximum performance.

This means regular cleaning and using specially formulated detergents for your machine’s needs. HE washing machines, which have been a fast-growing trend, especially need some tender loving care to provide maximum cleaning.

While HE washers offer consumers unmatched capacity, energy efficiency and in-creased functionality, the efficient design makes them prone to residue buildup and potential odor issues. Traditional detergents, body oils, grime, soap and water can cause residue and mold and mildew stains to ac-cumulate behind the drum of the washer.

A tablet product specifically designed for HE machines now is available and helps remove and prevent odor-causing residue buildup in all brands of washers when used once a month.

Experts also recommend the following tips for maintaining and cleaning your HE machine:

• Use HE detergent every time you wash your clothes.

• Measure the detergent to the appropriate level for each wash.

• Leave the door open when you are finished washing to allow for air to circulate.