Try these tips to control backyard mosquitoes

As bloodthirsty mosquitoes set their sights on your back yard, take control and keep the unwanted and dangerous pests away.

Experts offer these proven tips to control mosquitoes this summer:

• Empty water from items such as birdbaths, toys, buckets and ceramic pots.

• Clean out rain gutters.

• Add larvicides such as BTIs to standing bodies of water.

• Cut and clear away tall grass and weeds.

• Keep windows and doors tightly closed and repair holes in screens.

• Use an insect repellent if in an untreated area.

• Use a cordless mister that can control the mosquitoes that may carry and transmit West Nile virus.

Using a botanical insecticide, in just three minutes, one portable misting technology kills and repels mosquitoes and other nuisance insects in an area of up to 2,000 square feet for as long as six hours.