Try these easy home maintenance tasks to give your home and yard a summer pick-me-up

Now is the perfect time for home maintenance activities that will keep the inside and outside of your home running smoothly during the warm weather.

These tasks will give your home and yard a pick-me-up:

• Keeping your air conditioner working properly is essential to staying cool and helps you save energy and money. Replace your air filter at least once every three months to keep it operating efficiently. Check the instructions to guide you through the process.

• Warm weather means more barbecues and festive get-togethers. Maintain your grill by cleaning the inside grates with warm, soapy water and scrubbing away debris with a wire brush.

• Over time, grease and grime can penetrate and damage tools like wrenches, jack stands and drills. Toolboxes and garage floors can get messy, too. Easily clean your tools and other dirty surfaces with a cleaner and degreaser designed to cut through grime. Simply spray the surface to be cleaned and rinse with water.

• Keeping your gutters clean can also make a difference in your home’s appearance. They can become filled with leaves and other debris that can slide down the side of your house, so it’s important to clean them twice a year to prevent water damage to your home’s foundation. You can use tools like tongs or a vacuum to clean them, or wear long sleeves and gloves and use your hands. Spray the gutter with water to remove any remaining debris.