Trump ‘worst person to hold the office of president,’ reader writes


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
A special thanks to Executive Editor Mike Anthony for bringing up the lack of dignity that Donald Trump brings to the office of the presidency.
Trump’s actions during the primary debates were a precursor for the type of individual he is, so we should not be surprised with the name-calling, insulting women, telling lies and living up to the personality flaws that Mitt Romney tried to warn voters about.
I have followed politics for the past 50 years and Trump is the worst person to hold the office of president.
Watching a recent documentary about Richard Nixon, the similarities are striking. Lashing out at the media for trying to report the truth, throwing loyal supporters under the bus to protect his own interests and lying their butts off to distract attempts to get to the truth.
His presidency has revealed that the divisiveness that exists in this country has declined to accepting horrible conduct and putting party over character.
I have voted for Republicans, Democrats and independents, as I believe that a candidate’s character and desire to “make life better for their constituents” is their primary function, and not the will of the lobbyists and major campaign donors.
The majority of Missouri elected politicians are merely rubber stamps for these crazy Republican ideals whose idea of Make America Great Again is to take us back to 1950 — see Roy Moore. According to a website that tracks lies of public officials, Donald Trump has lied to the American people over 100 times in his first year. In contrast, that “horrible liar Obama” lied 18 times in eight years.
I hope you Trump voters are real proud of your voting decision, and to use Mr. Anthony’s words, Trump has made the United States the laughingstock of the world.
Jim Kaznica