Trump train is off the rails, reader says, as evidenced by his tweets


To the editor:

Mr. Howard Sloan’s fact-challenged paean to President Donald Trump in the July 12 edition of the Call is a fine regurgitation of Republican talking points. But Trump’s train is off the rails.

He said that Trump has given us the biggest tax cut in history, a lie which Trump continues to promulgate. The U. S. Treasury’s own data shows it is only the eighth largest tax cut since 1981.

He mentioned that Trump has elevated our pride and respect with other countries, but polls taken by Pew and Gallup show our approval by other countries is at a historic low, and Trump continues to insult and denigrate our allies just as he does our own intelligence services. Even international tourism to the U.S. has declined under Trump.

Jobs have been created under Trump just as they were under Obama, however, his inane and dangerous trade-war diplomacy has caused U.S. companies to close and some to move their manufacturing overseas.

No one has to accuse Trump of being a lying, racist, misogynistic narcissist and self-proclaimed stable genius.

His own tapes, tweets, interviews, speeches, et cetera, plainly make this evident.

A plethora of independent fact checking organizations have shown that Trump told over 3,000 lies or misstatements of fact in his first 466 days in office, and he hasn’t stopped.

Elections do have consequences, and Trump’s policies are proving to be deleterious to America’s health, wealth, environment and ultimately, our security.

Ed Olsen