Trump ‘something other than a dragon slayer,’ letter writer contends


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
Reading Frank Longo’s Jan. 4 letter replying to the editor saddens me because it is a clear example of how divided this country has become.
Mr. Longo cherry picks examples of past “scandals” during the Obama era. He gets many wrong. The unemployment began under President George W. Bush. President Barack Obama brought the economy back after the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.
But facts don’t matter in the world of President Donald Trump.
An investigation into possible collusion with Russia is called a witch hunt. The press is biased because it reports the nonsense that comes out of Trump’s mouth word for word. Are they really trying to make him look bad or does he do that to himself?
Trump is not a “dragon slayer,” and less than 27 percent of the country voted for him; a majority disapprove of him.
To “Always Trumpers,” take the blinders off and see the whole picture. You will find he is something other than a dragon slayer.
I am a patriot and wish our country the best, but fear we won’t get there until people stop watching only Fox or only MSNBC.
Jeffrey F. Scherrer