Trump now on the world stage, not soundstage of ‘The Apprentice’

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the letter composed by Brian lngenthron and published in the Dec. 22 Call. His letter objected to Mike Anthony’s column headlined “President-elect needs to act with dignity office demands.”

In his letter, Mr. lngenthron cites the various missteps and shortcomings of previous presidents as justification for the acceptance of the buffoonery that is Donald Trump.

This argument simply suggests we accept the lowest common denominator of his predecessors and perhaps further, within our society as an acceptable norm.

But he forgets the position is the most powerful position in this country and arguably the world. So should not the standard rise accordingly? Shouldn’t we expect our president to present a dignified image rather than that of a schoolyard bully?

Mr. lngenthron goes on to suggest that the “fake news” pushed via the internet somehow originated with and therefore is the responsibility of the legitimate news media. It is not. The “fake news” he rails about is created out of whole cloth by others, with one notable contributor being our president-elect, Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump’s unfiltered style is not refreshing. Words, style and presentation do matter and comprise the entirety of the message.

By not choosing his words well and flashing an uncontrolled emotional temper, he becomes and is quite dangerous. Mr. Trump is now on the world stage, not the soundstage of “The Apprentice.”

He should behave and communicate accordingly.