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Trump has many accomplishments, as Crestwood reader cites them


To the editor:

I am responding to The Call’s letter to the editor April 11 by Ms. Rosemarie Garcia regarding “….How does Trump still have supporters?”

During our president’s first two years in office, there have been some truly historic accomplishments.  

Trump’s economic record, the largest tax cuts since President Reagan, and making America an attractive place to build a business is most notable.  Slashing regulations and saving American businesses billions of dollars a year to “jump start” our economy. America is now energy independent while the economy is growing, and I see a lot of signs saying “Help Wanted.”  

Wages are increasing. People are going to work, and food stamps are at an all-time low. Consumer confidence, economic growth and our retirement funds are at an all-time high. Past leadership said you can’t bring back jobs to the United States, and that “Trump would need a magic wand to get to 4-percent GDP.” Well, I guess our president has a magic wand, or maybe he’s not a junior-varsity president and understands the business world.

President Trump has decimated the ISIS leadership and their fighters. By increasing defense spending, allowing our military generals decide how to destroy ISIS, and by changing the “rules of engagement,” our president has accomplished what past weak and feckless leadership could not.  

“Peace through strength” is working, as noted by our soon-to-be third summit with North Korea.  

No, we have not disarmed North Korea, but we are negotiating with them, and three hostages were released — something past leadership did not accomplish.

Our president has been appointing solid constitutionalists to our federal courts, including two recent U.S. Supreme Court judges.  In sharp contrast to past leadership, our president has been outspoken in his support for America’s police and the premise of having law and order in America.

Speaking about law and order, securing our borders should be a priority of every American; unless, of course, you support the infiltration of MS-13 gang members and terrorists who are coming through South America — fact— protected by sanctuary cities, or you are not concerned with the drug and sex traffic that continues — fact.  Not to mention the tremendous financial burden placed upon the border communities.  

I can recall the Lindbergh School District saying “no” to the idea of building apartments at the proposed Crestwood City Center mall redevelopment because of putting a strain on the school district.  Can you imagine a colossal surge of 50,000 illegals into the Affton, Melville and Oakville area, similar to what is happening at our border cities?  

Your comment of Trump’s “locker-room talk” bragging about “groping”:  I ask you how do you explain to your children/grandchildren the rhetoric of  people protesting with their silly “P” hats?   

Also, if you’re worried about your health care, I currently don’t see a mass exodus of Americans rushing to a socialist country for their medical procedures. Maybe your issue is that our president doesn’t support abortions?

Finally, surely you must realize that congressional approval ratings have been at an all-time low.  How can so many individuals leave public office as millionaires?  

We want to drain the swamp. Trump is an intelligent, wealthy businessman who doesn’t owe any political favors to Democrats or Republicans.  

He speaks his mind and does what he says he will do.  

He fights for America  — that is why we elected a “Dirty Harry” instead of a “Captain Kangaroo.”

Frank Longo


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