Trump brings no dignity to office and doesn’t respect military heroes


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In response to Denny Eads’ Nov. 15 letter to the Call about comparing President Donald Trump to Hitler, let’s see if there is anything to compare.

Which of the two does the following bring to mind: He bullied his way to leadership; he promised great things for his followers and his country; he considered the press an enemy; he believed that he was smarter than his generals; he considered the judicial system corrupt; he called anyone who opposed him traitors; he constantly lied to the people; his problems were always someone else’s fault.

As far as Trump respecting the military, how about his treatment of a real hero, John McCain?

And sending 15,000 troops to our southern border to defend us against his perceived “invasion” by refugees?

I am a veteran of World War II, where a generation of Americans sacrificed much over four years to end the threat of the Nazis. I see no respect when any of the Nazi sympathizers are called “good people.”

Two words sum up Trump and his role as commander in chief — “bone spurs.” Saying that Trump brought back dignity to America…. All I can say is, “What color is the sky in your world?”

Ray Hoffstetter