‘True agenda’ of county executive becomes apparent to letter writer

To the editor:

Wow, it sure is apparent what is Steve Stenger’s true agenda as our county executive.

It is not to promote the interests of his own constituents in St. Louis County. It is clear that he is focused on the city-county merger as he supports the city location instead of the one proposed for his claimed homestead in Concord Township of our south county community.

Nor was it apparent with his silence on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development housing issue in Oakville.

To be sure, there is likely more of that to come to our area if the County Council has its way.

Maybe it is time to seriously consider creating our own place and space far away from those who care little for the people who elected them and prefer instead to promote their own idea of what they want for our neighborhood. Other communities have established themselves as entities. I think the right people can make this happen for Mehlville, too.

Whoever you are, I am ready to stand behind you.

Nancy Matlock