Trakas a voice of reason on Mehlville board, earns letter writer’s vote

To the editor:

In April, the taxpayers will vote who shall serve on the Mehlville Board of Education.

Lori Trakas has earned my vote because she is a voice of reason, demonstrating good stewardship over the taxpayers’ money. At the same time, Lori continues to push for academic success. She understands that with 40 percent of the students at a basic level they will struggle to achieve their full potentials. How can any community stay viable when it’s not producing, nor promoting, excellence in academics?

Conversely, one of Lori’s opponents, Larry Felton, has voted for tennis courts, an auditorium, a $200,000 superintendent’s contract, all the while not voting for classroom supplies, facility upgrades such as HVAC and transportation for the children.

Academics have remained mediocre under his leadership.

Larry treats the superintendent like the emperor and our taxes like his personal piggy bank without questioning how this will benefit the children or the community.

The choice is simple. A vote for Lori Trakas, and only Lori, is a vote for honesty, transparency and a better future for the children and the community of Mehlville School District.