Township posts to be decided in Aug. 7 primary

Township committeewomen and committeemen will be elected in the Tuesday, Aug. 7, primary election.

Two townships — Gravois and Lemay — have contested committeewomen and committeemen races.

Candidates include:

Concord — Democrats Marilyn Beck and Frank Lydon and Republicans Anthony Pousosa and Joann Raisch.

Gravois — Incumbent Committeewoman Katy Forand and Jennifer Bird are vying for the Republican committeewoman post, while incumbent Committeeman John Winston and David Wissler are seeking the Republican committeeman position. Michael Vogt has filed for Democratic committeeman. No candidate filed for Democratic committeewoman.

Lemay — Teresa Douglas and Jacqueline Simon are seeking the Republican committeewoman post, while Alan Leaderbrand, Nathan Brekel and Randy Howard are vying for the Republican committeeman position. Democrats Sally Hodges and Mike Koller have filed.

Oakville — Democrats Joan Barry and Earl Blase and Republicans Celeste Witzel and Kurt Witzel have filed.

Tesson Ferry — Republicans John Judd and Anita Zolman and Democrats Jane Koeller and Jim Barrett have filed.

Township committeewomen and committeemen serve four-year terms.

Editor’s note: This article was updated at 12:28 p.m. to reflect Katy Forand is the incumbent Gravois Township Republican committeewoman.