‘Tony Pousosa can be your voice in county government,’ reader says

To the editor:

Not many of us think to keep campaign literature from past elections, but perhaps we should.

When Steve Stenger was a County Council candidate in 2008 he promised he would bring changes to the failed policies of his opponent such as “drive-by assessments” — why was my assessment raised when home prices in my area were depressed? — planning and zoning abuses and the mandated trash monopoly program. He pledged to fight to reverse the mistakes, et cetera.

Of late, he has claimed to answer constituents problems in a prompt manner.

My trash is serviced by a national company — my local one was great; shouldn’t we buy local?

I was one of three who attended a town-hall meeting after his election. My concern was the intersection of Charette and Musick, which is at the top of a hill and sight impeded.

He said he would look into it and I did receive two emails soon after. However, that was the end of it and I have not heard anything since then. Is this the prompt concern to a problem?

Mr. Stenger is a possible candidate for county executive.

His frequent and of late exhortations against Charlie Dooley do not take away from the fact that he is not the savior that he extols himself to be for south county.

Tony Pousosa can be your voice in county government.

Remember, our future begins with local officials who understand and address our concerns.