To stop a merger, all Democrats should vote for Republicans Nov. 6


To the editor:

The St. Louis city-county merger is unstoppable — unless county Democrats vote 100-percent Republican now in November 2018.

St. Louis city is 98 percent Democrat. St. Louis County will soon be 75 percent Democrat. City Democrats flee to St. Louis County, while St. Louis County Republicans flee to Jefferson, Franklin, St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren counties.

I was born a poor Democrat 73 years ago in St. Louis city.

I have lived in south county for 24 years, and previously, in north county for 17 years.

Democrat-controlled St. Louis city and north county created crime, failing public schools, poverty and falling real-estate prices.

Almost every major American city that is collapsing is ruled by the Democratic Party.

In many Democrat areas of South, Southwest and West St. Louis County, Republicans are fleeing; stores closing; and there are fewer public, private and junior college students, childless homebuyers, more retirees; plus higher taxes.

If St. Louis County Democrat politicians win in November, then wealthy, Republican Far-West County will probably break away from St. Louis County and merge with roaringly prosperous Republican St. Charles County.

St. Louis County will collapse.

Please vote 100-percent Republican on Tuesday, Nov. 6 —local, state, and federal — to stop the Democrat St. Louis city-county merger.

Robert G. Willmering