Time to unify the five counties on this side of river into one big city

As I read Ms. Witzel’s Aug. 21 letter, I was reminded of everything wrong with this community.

Granted, County Executive Charlie Dooley’s trash plan came about primarily because of illegal dumping in unincorporated north county, but the person who thinks what happens in north county or anywhere else in the region doesn’t affect us in south county is simply narrow-minded.

It’s time to put away all these petty differences and unify the five counties on this side of the river into one city. If you think that’s ridiculously big, take a look at the size of Los Angeles, Calif.; Jacksonville, Fla.; or Oklahoma City, Okla.

We would be back in the top 10 again and maybe, just maybe, not a national punchline anymore. Of course, it’ll never happen, not with the never-ending epidemic of small minds around here and the political greed that flourishes on both ends of the party spectrum.

It’s a nice dream, though.

Terry Reinheimer