Time for residents to make the difference, not rely solely on government

To the editor:

Throughout the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, motels dotted the landscape of Route 66.

Those are distant memories. Now Watson Road and the business corridor that Mr. Steve Nieder references in his letter to the editor is in a time of great economic distress. This merely signals change and an opportunity to look to the future, change with the times and reinvigorate a plan to move not only Crestwood, but Sunset Hills forward.

There is a cyclical shift to frugality occurring in our country that many could argue is long overdue.  Savings rates are now moving up, not down. No longer can we or should we base our governments on volatile sales-tax revenues. No longer should our cities be increasing sales tax, thereby driving residents to other communities to shop. No longer should our governments engage in non-essential services spending.

Renowned economist Arthur Laffer believes that revenues will increase by lowering tax rates. Maybe instead of a sales-tax holiday, we should be looking at lowering the overall sales-tax rate and restructuring our tax base so we are not at the whims of the consumer. According to Laffer, we can increase our overall revenue by competing for the consumers who are still spending.

 Our cities are linked indelibly by one of the finest school districts, Lindbergh. There needs to be a concerted effort by both cities to come together, use combined resources to create scales of economy and develop a long-term vision for the Watson Corridor. Crestwood Economic Development Commission Chairman Forrest Miller, Crestwood Alderman John Foote and Crestwood Alderman Deborah Beezley, who volunteer their time with the local chamber and its Economic Development Committee, are not the problem, they are trying to be part of the solution. 

I extend a formal invitation to Steve Nieder and anyone else in Crestwood or Sunset Hills to join the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Area Chamber of Commerce and its Economic Development Committee if your goal is to find the solutions to reinvigorate, re-create and rediscover the great heritage of our cities.

It’s time for all residents to make the difference, not rely solely on government.

Nick Dragan

Sunset Hills