Time for Hilmer to start practicing what he’s preaching, reader says

I read with great interest the comment by Mehlville Fire Protection District Chair-man Aaron Hilmer in the June 19 Call.

In an article detailing the board’s firing of two employees, Mr. Hilmer states, “When a workplace has a … culture in which employees aren’t respected … it will eventually spill over into the services we provide. So that’s absolutely unacceptable. It will not be tolerated.”

Sadly, Mr. Hilmer seems unwilling to accept his own advice. Since he has been elected to the MFPD, his comments in the paper have been belittling and inflammatory and disrespectful in tone to the firefighters of the district. It’s no wonder morale is so low.

Mr. Hilmer, if you want respect in the firehouses in Mehlville, you need to show respect from the top down. It’s time to practice what you’re preaching.

Lisa Marin