Time for America to return to God, thank him

To the editor:

It seems strange to me that in a moment or time of crisis we run to God and ask him to bless America.

For your information, God has been and is blessing America; unfortunately, we have been too busy with our earthly pursuits to take notice.

Affluency breeds complacency and for the past 40 years we’ve been in a complacent mode.

We have increasingly failed to acknowledge him thinking we are sufficient unto ourselves and leaving him out of our lives.

We have, to a great extent, relinquished our faith and trust in him and have permitted small-minded groups like the Ameri-can Civil Liberties Union and activist judges to remove the acknowledgement of God from our schools and public buildings in the guise of separation of church and state.

Look what it has gotten us, children having children, drug use out of control, and violence in our schools the like of which we never had before.

This great nation was founded on godly principles and our founding fathers saw to it that there would not be a state religion, but they did acknowledge the existence of God our creator.

It is not a matter of conjecture, but a matter of fact that the farther away from God this nation gets, the deeper into the abyss we slide.

My prayer is that not only would we ask God to bless America, but that we would return to him and thank him for his blessings.

We must learn that God is not a convenience to be used only when we have a need, but that he is a necessity to be acknowledged at all times.

For too many years it has been a one-sided relationship, God giving and our taking. It’s past time that we acknowledge the God of this great nation.

A survey showed 86 percent of those asked had a belief in God. It’s strange to me that we let 14 percent take him from us.

I would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year.

K.E. Dale