‘Thrilled’ people can conceal weapons

To the editor:

I am thrilled that we can carry concealed weapons.

But, did most of you know that you can already carry a hand gun around as long as it is in plain view? Hence — not concealed.

David Mosblech of Crestwood wrote a very good poem, but seems to be missing the point. So, what happens when some thug attempts to rob you? Knowing there is a 50/50 chance that you’ll carry a weapon might change his mind. Then again, he’s a thug and is not too smart anyway.

Are the police worried? I’ve talked to a few St. Louis County officers and their response was “No. What’s stopping you from carrying one now?” Do you think that gang members are going to apply for a permit? Also, do you think that if we aren’t allowed to carry concealed weapons this will stop them from doing so?

Note: Guns don’t kill people — people kill people. A gun is just a much easier tool to use for the job.

Philip Godfrey