Thinks county executive is on to something

To the editor:

County Council Chairman John Campisi says he wants an elected county assessor accountable to the taxpayers was the lead in the Our Town section of the June 2 issue of the Call.

Further on County Executive Charlie Dooley was quoted saying, “I think most counties are trying to be more like St. Louis County and get rid of all these elected officials.”

Charlie, I think you’re on to something here. “Get rid of all these elected officials.” Democracy is way overrated. Who do the taxpayers think they are? Why, if we let taxpayers have more say how will we continue to get more and more of their money?

If we let more officials stand for election, how will we feather bed all of the cushy jobs in government? If this goes on for long elected officials might actually start having to listen to the voters.

If we have fewer elected officials, we won’t have to look at as many of those yard signs. We won’t have to make tough decisions about who to vote for. We won’t have to investigate pregnant chads.

Charlie, I’m with you. Forget about getting elected in 2006. Let’s just let Gov. Matt Blunt appoint a county executive, County Council, mayor of St. Louis and the Board of Aldermen.

Fewer elected positions is better, right? Or did you just mean fewer elected officials among your staff?

Robert W. Haul