The Prop S vote is a symbol of the community’s support for schools

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Strong school systems are paramount to a successful community. On April 6, voters overwhelmingly came out in support of the Mehlville School District: 80.1 percent approved Proposition S, which will make schools in our district safer and improve Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility for students and generations of students to come without raising the tax rate.

Voters believe in Mehlville School District and overwhelmingly understand the implications of a supportive vote. The district under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Chris Gaines continues to work for our community. A culture of engagement and trust has provided our community understanding and assurance. Staff will provide regular reports to the school board on projects Prop S will fund.

The Finance Committee, made of staff and finance professionals in our community, will be charged with bond and tax levy oversight. Thank you to the voters in our community who showed up for our kids.

A symbiotic relationship between our community and our public school system has been demonstrated with the passage of Prop S. This historic election is a model case for an engaged, enthusiastic and energized community that overwhelmingly supports their school system.

Mehlville-Oakville United Committee and the advocates who worked to campaign for Prop S have set the tone for collective community-wide support.

Let us continue to build and work together from here to make Mehlville a destination district. Congratulations to the district-level leadership and the enthusiastic community of voters. Bravo.

Abigail Riess

Editor’s note: Ms. Riess was one of six organizers who led the Prop S campaign.