Thanks past, present Grantwood Village trustees

To the editor:

In response to recent letters, I am commenting.

People have a right to change their minds. If they choose to take a job — trustee — or to leave a job, so be it.

Ask them why they made that decision, others can only speculate. Chairperson Cathy Forand has been on the Grantwood Village board for 22 years. She has weathered much progress, many changes and events. I thank her for her hard work, dedication, talent and perseverance.

The village residents have such diverse talent, occupations, professions and businesses, that it would be of great benefit to our municipality if they could help by offering some of their time and talent. It starts with coming to the monthly meetings.

The Grantwood Village monthly meetings are at 7 p.m. the third Tuesday of the month in the Town Hall, 1 Missionary Ridge.

Ask questions, offer suggestions, or comment and constructive criticism. It is in participating that one can get a real grasp of what it takes to be a trustee or just an involved and caring resident.

We all have invested in our homes and neighborhood. Resident involvement and participation is time well spent.

The payback is a great place to own a home, live or raise a family.

You meet many interesting people and even make a few friends along the way.

You do not have to be a trustee to make a positive change. I thank the present and past trustees for all they have done for the benefit of our community.

Genny Webelhuth

Grantwood Village