Tesson Ferry committeewoman endorses Paul Berry for county executive


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

We rarely get “do-overs” in life, but our Nov. 6 election provides St. Louis County voters exactly such an opportunity. We have a clear-cut choice in the county executive race between a corrupt politician who openly practices pay-to-play politics and an honest, hardworking citizen who offers some constructive ideas for improving all of our community.

We all know who the first choice is, but many people are not familiar with Paul Berry, Republican candidate for county executive. Paul is a native of north county and has been involved in numerous County Council meetings over the years.

He knows the problems that many St. Louis County communities struggle with: Crime, unemployment, mediocre school systems and a government that creates obstacles for business development.

St. Louis County voters couldn’t ask for a more clear-cut choice. We can reward our current corrupt county executive with another four years, or we can choose a person with new ideas and a common-sense approach to solving the problems our community faces. On Nov. 6, make your “do-over” choice Paul Berry.

Christy Hessel
Republican Committeewoman
Tesson Ferry Township