Tennessen’s questionnaire responses leave resident ‘slack jawed’

To the editor:

After reading Dan Tennessen’s confused responses to the Call’s candidate questionnaire, I was left slack jawed.

Mr. Tennessen clearly lacks a fundamental understanding of how Crestwood’s government operates. His opposition to transparency in closed sessions is alarming, as is his blind support of tax increases.

His remarks on the impact of budget cuts reveal a complete disregard for basic financial principles. In challenging economic conditions, it takes more than a desire to serve to be capable of doing an effective job as a legislator; it takes experience and the ability to make the tough decisions required to keep the city viable.

Former Alderman Steve Nieder is eminently qualified to once again represent Ward 4 residents. Please place the city in capable hands, and elect Steve Nieder on April 3.

Martha Duchild


Editor’s note: Mrs. Duchild’s husband, Paul, serves as a Ward 3 alderman in Crestwood.