Teenagers still teenagers even if separated by gender, writer argues


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

This is in response to Robert Willmering’s March 7 letter. A point he makes in his letter that addresses the low ACT scores by segregating Oakville High School and Mehlville High School by gender is that it will not cost taxpayers anything.

You later state that there will be an issue with updating the bathrooms. That seems to be an expensive change that someone will have to pay. Then we run into a growing issue of our youth — gender fluidity and kids’ sexual orientation. If your son realizes he identifies as a girl, does she get to switch schools?

For any of the students that are attracted to the same sex, now you have created a breeding ground of fantasy for the kids’ simple minds that cannot focus on school.

I went to a public school, and I have a friend that went to an all-boys school. I assure you he was just as distracted as I at school. That was 12 years ago. Now kids have much better cell phones. I wouldn’t need a girl to distract me, I have Candy Crush and internet access.

I am hoping your letter was sarcastic, but by some of your points about how easy, cheap and how much smarter we will all be, I was not sure.

You also do not need a high ACT score to get into Ranken or technical colleges that can get kids working quicker and at higher wages right out of school.

Shawn Finney
Sunset Hills