Teacher says LNEA doesn’t share superintendent’s take on salaries

To the editor:

In the June 18 edition of the Call, Lindbergh Schools Superintendent Jim Simpson stated that school administrators spoke with Lindbergh National Education Association leaders the day after the district’s 2015-2016 budget was approved and “they were fine with that. They just said, ‘We wanted to make a point. We feel Lindbergh should be playing with the big boys in salaries for teachers …'”

This statement is not the sentiment of LNEA. Lindbergh teachers voted overwhelmingly against the district proposed salary schedule for 2015­-2016. Lindbergh teachers have watched their salaries fall in comparison to area districts while maintaining a status as the No. 1 district in the state in academic achievement.

Teachers have also seen their salaries fall in comparison to benchmark districts, while administrators’ salaries have kept pace.

Lindbergh Superintendent Jim Simpson is the third highest paid superintendent in the state, ahead of districts that serve many more students such as Parkway and Rockwood. Dr. Simpson stands to receive an $8,600 increase for the 2015-2016 school year, while veteran teachers will receive a $250 increase.

The LNEA asked for an additional $29,000 of new money to be added to the teacher salary schedule, but this was denied.

Currently, Lindbergh teacher salaries are anywhere from $500­ to $10,000 behind those of surrounding districts. This additional $29,000 would have moved teacher salaries closer to other districts and would have been a show of good faith by the district as to the importance of their teachers in providing a quality education for Lindbergh students.