Teacher not happy about being lumped in with likes of Hilmer, Lane

To the editor:

I am writing this very brief letter in response to Diane Muehlenbeck’s Sept. 29 letter in the Call.

In the paper, she provides an eloquent defense of teachers and the teaching profession, countering the letter written by Carl Lane in the Sept. 22 issue of the Call.

At the end of her letter she accuses me of siding with Mr. Lane and demeaning teachers. I am assuming she did not read my letter that appeared in the Call more than four weeks ago.

My letter was written to defend the Missouri Public School Retirement System and teachers against the attacks from Oakville resident Aaron Hilmer.

I am a teacher. My questions to Mr. Hilmer about teachers were designed to point out the errors in his argument when he compared teaching to the private sector.

Mr. Lane’s letter was a response to my statements, not a letter in support of my position.

I fully agree with everything Mrs. Muehlenbeck states in her letter. I just wish she had read my letter before she lumped me in with the likes of Aaron Hilmer and Carl Lane.

Paul Stanley


Editor’s note: Mr. Stanley is a teacher in the Rockwood School District.