Teach your children about garage door safety

Teaching young children how to spell the word “door” may offer an additional lesson about garage door safety.

GarageDoorCare.com, a Web site sponsored by the International Door Association, or IDA, can help homeowners learn about garage door safety and garage door maintenance. The IDA is the world’s largest trade association of professional garage door and access system dealers and installers.

One page of the Web site is devoted to children and garage door safety. A special learning tool titled “DOOR Safe” contains four brief messages to help parents teach young children the dos and don’ts of garage doors. These messages are:

• Doors are heavy — never stand, run or play under or near any garage door, especially when the door is open or moving.

• Openers are for adults — never play with the button on the wall that opens and closes the garage door.

• Ouch — never touch any part of a moving garage door. Your fingers and hands can get hurt.

• Remotes are for adults — never play with the remote control in the car or on Mom and Dad’s key chain.